NIH guidance on transitioning to FORMS-F grant application forms

The NIH is going ahead with its transition from FORMS-E application forms to FORMS-F forms. Funding opportunities with due dates on or before May 24 should use FORMS-E forms, and opportunities with due dates on or after May 25 should use FORMS-F forms.

The NIH has released notices and updates to help this transition; we’ve listed them below for you to refer to as you navigate the changes:

In addition, OHSU’s Office of Proposal and Awards Management sent the following advice to the investigator community on April 8:

You must use FORMS-F forms for grant application due dates on or after May 25, 2020 and FORMS-E for due dates on or before May 24, 2020

  • FORMS-F application packages are now available on active, non-parent funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) in InfoEd.
  • FORMS-F application packages were not added to our parent announcements. Instead, NIH is reissuing each parent announcement with a new announcement number, updated opportunity text, and FORMS-F package.
  • Parent FOAs will be reissued 30-60 days prior to their first FORMS-F due dates.  This means we will see these Parent FOA’s between now and May 5th, in theory.  These Parent FOA’s are not currently available.

Most changes are minor compared to previous forms updates, but we will update you as any major implications of these changes emerge.