Upcoming Biorender webinars on April 23 and May 5

OHSU and BioRender are holding two webinars to help you better utilize this new-to-OHSU research tool on April 23 and May 5. If you’re unfamiliar with BioRender, it’s an app that helps you create professional scientific figures through access to more than 30,000 icons and templates.

The figures are validated by experts and built to be intuitive, so don’t worry if your graphic design skills are lacking — BioRender is there to help add visualizations to your work you might have forgone in the past because of the time and effort it takes to create them. The upcoming webinars will focus on incorporating BioRender’s figures to improve your slide decks and public-facing presentations.

Designing Better Slide Decks – Tips from a Professional Science Illustrator

Tuesday, April 23, from 10 to 11 a.m.
Learn actionable tips and techniques for designing better slide decks using your software of choice. We’ll also cover how to quickly create individual figures for your slides such as experimental methods and biological pathways with a quick introduction to the BioRender software.
View a recording of the webinar

SciComm for the Public
Tuesday, May 5, from noon to 1 p.m.

Learn how to design simplified science figures for your friends, families, patients, social media followers and the general public. During this session, BioRender will highlight tips for communicating with your audience, particularly on important topics such as COVID-19.

An example of the BioRender interface

How do I attend?

Registration is now open for the May 5 presentation. To register, first sign up for your free BioRender account using your OHSU credentials (if you haven’t already). Then, register for the webinar; if you can’t attend at that time, register anyway to receive a link to the recorded session.