No-cost extension process for MRF Grants updated

The MRF Grants no-cost extension process has been updated; please submit your requests through the competitive application portal, and do not email requests to any longer.

The process to apply for a no-cost extension for your MRF Early Clinical Investigator, Emergency Interim Support or New Investigator Grant has been updated. Those seeking an extension will now submit their request through the competitive application portal.

You will still be required to first submit a letter (co-signed by your mentor if extending an ECI Grant) requesting an extension to the OHSU Office of Proposal and Award Management or your institution’s equivalent department prior to the grant’s expiration date. The letter, once signed off on, will be submitted to the CAP along with your application.

In both your letter and the CAP application, please include the following information:

  • The title and grant number of your project
  • A PDF of your MRF-funded project
  • The original funding period of your project
  • Any additional extension periods previously requested and granted
  • The newly requested no-cost extension period

Once submitted, you will hear from an MRF administrator about the status of your extension request.