Update on Uniform Guidance Procurement Policies for Sponsored Projects

If you make purchases with grant dollars, you’ll need to know about the changes to procurement policies that are now in place. OHSU has updated its purchasing policies regarding procurement under federally sponsored projects to be consistent with changes authorized in the latest revisions of the Uniform Guidance, which became effective in December, 2020.

These revisions allowed OHSU to raise the micro-purchase threshold of $10,000 to $50,000 and the formal bid threshold to $250,000 per vendor for the life-time of a grant period.  Purchases on federal grants between the new threshold and formal bid threshold must follow the informal bid process or fall under exemptions provided for in the Uniform Guidance.  The complete updated policy 05-01-035 can be found on O2.

In addition, OHSU also determined that all non-federal sponsored projects would be excluded from the Uniform Guidance procurement policy 05-01-035 but are subject to the following:

You can find more information here.