Know the S.P.I.L.L. Response Plan

OHSU Environmental Health and Safety supports and promotes a safe workplace, minimizing risks to OHSU’s workforce and developing strategies, polices, training, and programs in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

Despite prevention efforts, accidents will happen.

For chemical and medication spills, follow the S.P.I.L.L. Response Plan. (Download the Fact Sheet)

• Secure • Protect • Inform • Least to Greatest • Leave

Only trained, competent individuals with access to appropriate supplies should clean up spills. Departments using chemicals and medications should have spill response resources available for immediate use — that includes a Spill Kit.

Note that for any accidental chemical or medication release that is uncontrolled or beyond the resources and training of the department, call Public Safety immediately at 503-494-4444.


Remove all personnel from the immediate area of the spill. If someone is exposed or contaminated, follow first-aid measures listed in the Safety Data Sheet (SDS), provide assistance if safe to do so, and seek medical attention.


Don personal protective equipment (PPE) if not already on. Retrieve spill kit.


Inform others in the immediate area of the release to avoid the spill area.

Notify your supervisor.

Least to Greatest

Clean the spill as trained. Start from the least contaminated to most contaminated area. Use enough supplies to completely absorb the spilled material and dispose of supplies appropriately. Contact EHS with any questions.


If the spill is greater than you have been trained to address, retreat to a safe location and call Public Safety at 503-494-4444 to report.


Complete a Worker and Student Injury Reporting System (WSIRS) Form. Complete this report as soon as it is safe to do so. Even if the spill was cleaned up by the department (and Public Safety was not notified), a WSIRS is required.


This guidance is specific to chemical spills; please consult relevant guidance documents, department procedures, or EHS for assistance with biological or radioactive material spills.

Assess your Spill Kit and other supplies to determine whether restocking is required.


Environmental Health and Safety is here to answer your questions.

Contact us at or 503-494-7795.