Never board: Colin Coleman’s Research Week keynote

Research Week 2022 features an amazing lineup of seven speakers, beginning with Colin Coleman and the Students Choice keynote on Monday, May 2, at noon.

Join the Webex keynote.

Never board: A ludological* perspective of academic research

Colin Coleman, Ph.D. candidate in cell and developmental biology, OHSU, will discuss his scientific journey thus far, using his favorite hobby — board games — as an analytic framework.

Sense making, connecting

Coleman will be introducing some of his favorite games and using them to describe his perspectives on academia, career building and staying true to your passions and strengths.

Helping other students feel less alone in their own journeys is a goal of Coleman’s speaking, as well as inspiring us all to follow our interests and passions in professional pursuits.

There are rumors that the end of this keynote will involve trivia, puns and prizes for students — it’ll be worth attending just to see what that’s all about!

* Ludology is the study of games, the act of playing them, and the players and cultures surrounding them.