May 2 — Research Week Day two! 37 oral presentations and 2 keynotes

Research Week graphic, red, blue, brown dots combine to make circles

This is Research Week 2022, Day 2! Oral sessions begin at 8 a.m., Marguerita Lightfoot speaks at noon and Nina Kraus speaks at 4 p.m.

Research Week keynote, noon

Making a difference in health: Can we change conditions, not just individuals?” Marguerita Lightfoot, Ph.D., associate dean of Research, OHSU-PSU School of Public Health. Webex link.

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Symposium Keynote, 4 p.m.

Music is the jackpot of the hearing brain.” Nina Kraus, Ph.D., Hugh Knowles Professor of Communication Sciences, Neurobiology, and Otolaryngology at Northwestern University. Webex link.

Oral presentations, Tuesday, May 3

The links will take you straight to the Webex session.

The FLT3 F691L Gatekeeper Mutation Promotes Clinical Resistance to Gilteritinib + Venetoclax in AML Sharzehi, Setareh Graduate OHSU Hematology and Oncology/ Cancer Biology Cancer Biology
Bi-allelic CEBPA mutations induce STAT activation and STAT-driven transcriptional programs Taylor, Sarah Graduate OHSU Department of Oncological Sciences Biomedical Sciences
The anti-cancer effects of Vitamin D are shaped by the involuting mammary gland microenvironment Bernhardt, Sarah Postdoctoral Fellow OHSU Cell, Developmental and Cancer Biology Cell, Developmental and Cancer Biology
Melanocortin-4 Receptor: a potential therapeutic drug  target for metabolic dysfunction Stokes, Julia Graduate OHSU Department of Cell Development and Cancer Biology; Center for Experimental Therapeutics Department of Cell Development and Cancer Biology; Center for Experimental Therapeutics
Tumor-derived IL-6 disrupts the hepatic adaptive response to undernutrition in pancreatic cancer cachexia Arneson-Wissink, Paige Postdoctoral Fellow OHSU Radiation Medicine BCCPC
?PDAC stromal evolution Onate, M. Kathrina Graduate OHSU CDCB Cancer Biology
G-protein Coupled Receptors: targets for diverse diseases and drug development Foss, Marie Research staff OHSU CDCB Knight Cancer Institute
Higher-throughput Single-Cell Whole Genome Sequencing Queitsch, Konstantin Graduate OHSU MMG PMBS
Multidisciplinary management of spinal metastases at a community hospital center (RADIANS) Hoffman, Alexandra Graduate OHSU Neurosurgery Radiation Oncology
Tuesday, 8-9 a.m., MATERNAL HEALTH
Pregnancy Following Recovered Acute Kidney Injury Results In Placental Insufficiency and Perinatal Mortality Hebert, Jessica Postdoctoral Fellow OHSU APOM APOM
Food desert severity mediates the association between socioeconomic status and metabolic state during pregnancy in a prospective longitudinal cohort Wood, Elizabeth Postdoctoral Fellow OHSU N/A Psychiatry
Adverse Neonatal Outcomes of Twin Gestations:  Do They Differ By Mode of Conception? Ghafari-Saravi, Afsoon Graduate OHSU Obgyn Obgyn
Management of Cramp Fasciculation Syndrome During Childbirth: A Case Report Bartlett, Thomas Graduate OHSU Anesthesia Anesthesia
Fetal and Maternal Inflammatory Responses to Choriodecidual Ureaplasma Infection in Macaca mulatta Tripathy, Sudeshna Research staff OHSU DRDS ONPRC
Tuesday, 8:30-10:30 a.m., SURGERY SESSION TWO
Study Protocol: Correlation Between Intraoperative Tourniquet Use and Limb pH, Functional Measures and Patient Reported Outcomes After Ankle Fracture Surgery Sokil, Laura Graduate OHSU Orthopaedic Surgery Orthopaedic Surgery
Does the Matta Acetabular Fracture Nomogram Have External Validity?: Evaluation over 10 years at an Academic Level 1 Trauma Center Acetabular Service with 2 years of follow up Lancaster, Karalynn Research staff OHSU Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation
Frailty as a Predictor of Postoperative Complications in Patients Undergoing Esophagectomy Chowdhury, Sheuli Graduate OHSU Surgery Department of Surgery
Bone derived bioink for 3D bioprinting Madathiparambil Visalakshan, Rahul Postdoctoral Fellow OHSU Department of Restorative Dentistry, School of Dentistry Division of Biomaterials and Biomechanics, Department of Restorative Dentistry
Vitamin D Deficiency is Associated with Higher Risk of Revision, Prosthetic Joint Infection and Loosening after Total Knee Arthroplasty Robison, Bianca Other OHSU Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Orthopedics and Rehabilitation
Beware the First Case: Higher Reoperation Rates in Pelvic & Acetabular ORIF in First-Start Cases Zusman, MD, Natalie Graduate OHSU Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation
Management of acute hemorrhage after radiation therapy for oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma Araujo, Ana Graduate OHSU Head and Neck Surgery – Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
Impact of Telecritical Care Monitoring by Registered Nurses on Time-Percentage Adherence to ARDSNet Mechanical Ventilation Protocol Guyer, Sam Other OHSU Department of Surgery Department of Surgery
Incidence of Persistent and Recurrent Osteomyelitis in Podiatric Patients Following Surgical Intervention St Michell, Krysta Graduate OHSU Vascular Surgery School of Medicine
Surgeon Estimated Blood Loss is Discordant with Calculated Blood Loss in Acetabular Surgery Lindsay, Sarah Other OHSU Orthopaedic Surgery Orthopaedic Surgery
Gender Presentation and Fat Bodies Fornero, Kiki Graduate OHSU School of Nursing School of Nursing
Those Left Behind: A Scoping Review Chen, Jason Faculty OHSU N/A Psychiatry
Demoralization and Cancer: What are the Risk Factors? Leatherwood, Amy Graduate OHSU School of Nursing Ph.D Program, School of Nursing
Transitioning from Inpatient Psychiatric Hospitalization: Veteran, Community, and Provider Perspectives Laliberte, Avery Research staff VA/OHSU Psychiatry Psychiatry
Factors driving treatment retention among people with opioid use disorder and HIV in Vietnam: A qualitative study Taylor, Linh Nhat Undergraduate OHSU Department of Public Health & Preventive Medicine School of Medicine
Tuesday, 10-11:30 a.m., PEDIATRICS
Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic on Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease New Diagnosis and Admission Acuity Stuart, Ariana Graduate OHSU Pediatric Gastroenterology Pediatric Gastroenterology
Transgenerational undernutrition produces transcriptional alterations in the carotid endothelium Le, Hillary Graduate OHSU Biomedical Engineering Biomedical Engineering
Total HIV DNA levels correlate with plasma IL-2 levels in Thai infants but not adults Mitchell, Julie Postdoctoral Fellow OHSU N/A VGTI
Pediatric Solid Tumors: Meeting the Socioeconomic Needs of Children and Their Families Nacharaju, Deepthi Graduate OHSU Pediatric Surgery Pediatric Surgery
The Need for Secondary Alveolar Bone Grafting Following Gingivoperiosteoplasty in Children with Cleft Lip and Palate. Krakauer, Kelsi Graduate OHSU Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery
A Program Evaluation of a Transition Clinic for Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes Pandharpurkar, Tejal Graduate OHSU Endocrinology Endocrinology
Tuesday, 10:30-noon, MICROBIOTA RESEARCH
Biomaterial and Biofilm Interactions with the Pulp-Dentin Complex-on-a-Chip Tahayeri, Anthony Research staff OHSU Department of Restorative Dentistry Department of Restorative Dentistry
Streptococcus mutans intra-species impact on oral biofilms and dental caries Momeni, Stephanie Postdoctoral Fellow OHSU Integrative Biomedical & Diagnostic Sciences Integrative Biomedical & Diagnostic Sciences
Precision Biofabrication: Microfluidic Single Cell Bioprinting Helms, Haylie Graduate OHSU Restorative Dentistry Biomedical Engineering
Glycerol kinase (GlpK) during the oral microbiome interspecies interaction Treerat, June Research staff OHSU Restorative Dentistry Restorative Dentistry
Biomimetic nanoscale mineralization of bioprinted cell-laden microgels Sousa, Mauricio Postdoctoral Fellow OHSU Department of Restorative Dentistry School of Dentistry – Department of Restorative Dentistry
The Urinary Microbiome (Urobiome) Among Older Community-Dwelling Men with and without LUTS Bowie, Kathleen Graduate OHSU DMICE Biomedical Engineering
Tuesday, 10:30-noon, HEART, LUNG AND BLOOD
Cardiac arrest induced systemic ischemia alters phenotype of renal ischemia reperfusion injury Funahashi, Yoshio Postdoctoral Fellow OHSU APOM APOM
Regulation of Cortisol Reactivity to Head-up Tilt by the Circadian System Gonzalez, Joshua Postdoctoral Fellow OHSU Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences
Role of Eosinophils in Purinergic Receptor P2X3 Expression in Mouse Sensory Neurons Mize, Emily Undergraduate OHSU Pulmonary and Critical Care Pulmonary and Critical Care
Developmental Effects of Asthma on Airway Parasympathetic Nerves De La Torre, Ubaldo Graduate OHSU Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
An organ on-a-chip model system to study architecture and stiffness-mediated regulation of angiogenesis and pericyte differentiation. Quezado Lima Verde, Maria Elisa Graduate OHSU OHSU School of Dentistry School of Dentistry