Some Beach vs Clonazepam

Rank lists were due yesterday.

Match Day is in Three Weeks.

Following is a collection of OHSU MS4 reflections, as understood from personal experiences and facebook postings:


– Shoot. I love the ICU. Is it too late to switch to anesthesia/critical care?


– MS4 A: Done with interviews!

– MS4 B: Done with interviews!

– MS4 C: Done with interviews!


– MS4 D: Done with interviews!

– Interviewer, via email: I was interviewing someone today, and remembered when you interviewed here. I was wondering if I could convince you to join our team.


– So, we think you’re great. Are you ranking us first or not?

– “I’m ranking you first.” (No response.)

– “I’m ranking you very highly.”   “There are lots of great programs for you out there!”

– “I’m ranking you very highly.”   “We’d love for you to train here with us.”

– “I’m ranking you very highly.”   “We hope to see you this summer!”

– Shoot. I still love surgery. Is it too late to switch to general surgery?

– MS4 E: Finally. Done. With. Interviews.

– “Should I change my rank list or should I trust my instincts from a time when I was less sleep deprived and royally freaked out?” (MS4, post-call)

– The complete conjugation of the verb ‘rankar,’ or, ‘to rank.’

Several people who switched around programs #4-8-ish at the last minute.

– About 200 line items for a couples’ match. (Folks, this is not out of the ordinary.)

– Should I change my list? (Posted four minutes before the submission deadline.)

– Someone’s actual rank list. (After the NRMP closed at 6pm PST.)

– May need benzos very soon.

– Trust the Match.

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  1. That’s going to be an important and well-thought-through envelope you’ll be holding on March 17, Rae!

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