It’s all downhill from here…. right?

We’ve officially passed the halfway point in anatomy and the Thanksgiving countdown has begun! Unfortunately, our hardest test is yet to come (or so we hear…).

After a successful anatomy block II exam last week, our class was able to relax a bit this weekend. We had a group of first-year students representing our program at the OSPA fall conference and another group ran the Portland Marathon! We are so proud of our runners! They are living proof that, with a little creativity and time management, ANYTHING is possible during PA school.

While anatomy is taking up a lot of our time this quarter, we still have to focus on Clinical Medicine. It makes for a ton of work, but it’s refreshing to leave the anatomy lab and refocus on MEDICINE…. the reason we’re all here! We have our geriatrics exam on Wednesday, and are already neck-deep in hematology-oncology. Then we’ll finish up anatomy block III with an exam on Monday… one block to go. Whew!