Call me crazy!

My girlfriend (Ashley) thinks I’m crazy. I personally think she took a little long to notice. I guess recently she has had a little more reason to think so. The first thing I did was start physician assistant school. I’m finding out that this in itself was a little crazy but definitely necessary. However, it functioned as the crack in the damn of my sanity.

The next thing I did when I got here was enter into what was called the “intermediate” medical Spanish class (it was advanced, trust me). Turns out a third of our class is or was at one point fluent and so the teacher pretended to not know English. Me? I hadn’t taken Spanish since junior year of high school! But I did go to medical assistant school in Queens, NY where I learned my name in Spanish was “el blanquito” (the white boy). I struggled through the Spanish class and it was hard work keeping up, but it was stimulating and rewarding. Ashley called me “muy loco.”

In the meantime, for what was regrettably the first time I had done so, I started volunteering. Some of my time was volunteered to the program at information sessions and such. The class has also volunteered at the Oregon Food Bank which was very fun, I highly recommend it. We have a few more opportunities coming up with the Night Watch and the Ronald McDonald House and I will definitely be involved somehow. Ashley applauds me but still wonders when I will crack under the weight of what I have buried myself with.

Another first, a marathon! There were 7 1st year PA students in all that participated in the Portland Marathon. That’s 7 out of 38 (Ashley thinks crazy is contagious and endemic to our class). Every last one of us finished in various states of disrepair, then recommenced the exorbitant amount of studying we had to do for a test 3 days later.

Currently, I am throwing my hat into another ring. There is a memorial service for the people that donated their bodies to the program for study in our Gross Anatomy, Imaging, and Embryology class. The memorial service is a very important event where the families of the donors get to celebrate their lives and remember them while the students who benefited from them get to show their appreciation for such a profound gift. I’m hoping to help in any way I can but particularly by performing a song in a group.

Something about PA school and finally being on the road to who and what I want to be has inspired me to work hard and get involved. One day I may regret that I did not play all the video games I had hoped to play (a regret that I would definitely not have had before PA school), but I’m thinking that’s better than regretting not putting all of myself into this journey. Checking in with Ashley, she’s rolling her eyes.