Yes, Glee Club. No, not the TV show, but still a glee club.

About half way through this fall quarter of burying my head in anatomy, desperately trying to stay above water in clinical medicine, and veeery slowly reasoning my way through tutorial cases, I realized that I was in desperate need of some therapy. Any kind of therapy. I needed an outlet of some sort. Unbeknownst to me, at the same time, one of my fellow classmates was conspiring to peer pressure me into dusting off my vocal cords and rediscovering my singing roots. One day while I was minding my own business, Jordan appeared out of nowhere and said, “Greta, did you know that there is a glee club? You need to do the glee club and I will be your biggest fan.” I politely replied that if I had the luxury of time I would greatly consider it, however, time is a concept that PA students only hear about, but do not believe truly exists. The second day my lovely classmate Jordan saunters up to me again and remarks, “Glee club rehearses every Monday at 5pm. I will be your biggest fan and throw flowers at you.” For the rest of the week I could not turn a corner without Jordan being right there and shouting “Glee Club!” Ok, I get the hint!!! She slowly, but surely broke me down and I realized that glee club was exactly what I needed. I decided that if it was only one hour a week, I could make it happen.

I don’t know how, but I somehow managed to coerce my fellow classmate and blogger, TJ, to join me!!! TJ plays the guitar and used to sing in a rock band and, naturally, fits right in. Today was our first rehearsal with the Glee Club, which is headed up by a second year medical student with some amazing operatic pipes. Glee Club is a mix of medical students and PA students (me and TJ), and hopefully will gain members from other schools in the future. Although this was only my first day, I walked away feeling that this is going to be a wonderful outlet for me to sing my heart out and forget about anatomy and medicine, if only for an hour. And Jordan, if you are reading this, TJ and I expect a dozen roses each at our first glee club performance.

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