The day we survived anatomy

Now, we’ve all had some pretty important days in our lives, but the PAS-1s will agree that today was right up near the top. What single event could bring together a class of 37?  Three simple words: Last. Anatomy. Test.

The crazy thing about anatomy is that it goes beyond our little class of 37.

The first day of anatomy lecture (waaaaay back in August) was an interesting experience. We PA students had grown comfortable within the walls of Gaines Hall, and now we were on the other side of campus, in an auditorium filled beyond capacity with a hundred or so new faces. The MS-1s and RTS-1s were bright-eyed and buzzing with the excitement of matriculation. The PAS1s were a more hardened group, still reeling from the summer quarter.

Eleven weeks later, here we are…sitting at Macadam Bar & Grill. MS-1s, PAS-1s, and RTS-1s side-by-side, celebrating November 7th, 2011: The Day We Survived Anatomy.