All work and no play makes Jack a dull doc

All-hill Halloween party, 2011.

I just finished my third test in as many school days. It’s our class’ sixth test since school started this fall. In between studying for those tests I’ve been taking an elective, spending afternoons with lovely patients in clinic and going to lots of lectures. Some days, medical school feels like I’m slopping out an awfully big stable of knowledge, and our teachers just keep bringing in more horses.

Which is not too say that we have no fun. Case in point: The all-hill Halloween party last month. I thought it would be a fun little gathering, so I threw together a very modest (and geeky) costume (I was cytamegalovirus, a common herpesvirus). I was underdressed and unprepared for the elaborate bash I saw when I walked into our main school building. It was transformed into a Felliniesque nightclub with pounding music, laser lights, mounds of food, three different (free!) beer choices and hordes of dancing zombie brides, foosball players, pharaohs, sharks, jet planes, demons and demigods. Especially impressive were the dental students who had built 15-foot-tall costumes out of fabric and PVC pipe. I was amazed at the technical skill, time and money the dentists spent on the party. Don’t take my word for it: Picture below.

Would you let these demons drill your tooth?

For some mysterious reason, the giant costumes only came in third in the evening’s contest. (The two top slots were won by other dental students, for what I assume are internal class dynamics beyond my understanding).

After, I wandered over to a traditional med student afterparty held in the local housing coop. This was more in line with my cobbled-together costume: A kegger in a dark basement with ratty furniture, beer pong and shouted conversations. It was the closest thing I’d seen to a frat party since, well, the last time I was at a frat party. There was even a guy in a toga.

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