Spring fever

There is a bird building a nest in the birdhouse outside. I know this because I have watched him single handedly destroy two hanging baskets and borrow several silk flowers from the wreath on the door. With all of this to watch, who has time for study?  Spring does this to me every year. I find myself so enthralled with the arrival of sunshine and life that my coursework begins to feel like those winter clouds, always hanging over my head. I begin each winter fired up and by spring term I have mastered the art of procrastination. Is it burnout or is it sunburned? The answer is C, all of the above.

This is why I love the internet wonders of Sakai. I recently discovered that my router has the capability of picking up a signal from outside the house. Say no more!  Since several of my lectures and videos are online, I conveniently played them while simultaneously enjoying the weather and watching the bird. I also began to see some parallels to my life as a nursing student and the season of building nests.

As I near the end of my junior year, it has become apparent to me that as students we are being entrusted with more and more responsibility to facilitate our own learning. As sophomores we had a carefully woven curriculum and were guided by skillful instructors, very much like baby birds. Now as we’ve grown and developed stronger skills, we are using them to act with more autonomy and freedom within the guidelines of our courses. That has been a little bit of an adjustment for me. I find myself wanting to cling to the structure of the nest. With each term and each new advent of learning, the world of nursing becomes a far larger and more complex world. At times, that can be a little overwhelming and I’m not exactly sure how to find my wings in it.

I’m staring at a sky full of really big options, senior IP’s, preparation for professional interviews, the NCLEX and graduate studies.  Yup, this nest feels pretty secure in light of all that. But how cool will it be to fly? My classmates and I have worked through two years of grueling studies and have emerged at the final chapter of our junior year looking at the world through very different eyes. We are starting to peek out and stretch our wings. Next year we will be seniors, grown and ready to fly. For a minute I heard the faint, cheesy melody of Bette Midler’s “The Wind Beneath My Wings” then I realized it was my cell phone with three urgent texts about annotated bibliographies. Okay, so the flying part is still a little shaky. Happy spring to all of you and congratulations to the soon to be graduates…may your summer bring you many blue skies ahead.

And because I couldn’t resist….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M912EcPDrKM