Welcome to summer break!

I just submitted my last assignment for spring quarter.  This means I’m almost finished with nursing school year 2!

It’s amazing to think back to fall quarter and reflect upon HOW much I’ve learned this school year.  I’ve tackled the ever-so-frightening IV insertion, researched countless hours, observed in my community the health needs of school children, and completed numerous other activities.  This year has been a true testament to my commitment to school, as there were many times where I felt frustrated or just plain exhausted at the thought of one more paper or group project.  However, perseverance and endurance were two of my dearest friends, and I made it!

This summer, I look forward to NCLEX review, and vacationing.  I am welcoming the needed break from school, and I am anticipating my final year in nursing school.  There stands before me 9 more months of learning.  And trust me, I’m ready, as Sarah Dohman, RN sounds VERY appealing!

Here’s to the end of another school year, and to a wonderful, adventurous summer break!