1 more year!

To wrap up our junior year my class had a community presentation. The purpose of the presentation was to report our health findings from 10 weeks of gathering primary qualitative data on smaller communities in Klamath County. The report was given to other stakeholders, as well as individuals in these communities. We had 6 speakers representing the 6 different outlying communities. After our presentation, the Director of the Department of Public Health and the CEO from the main hospital in Klamath Falls, Sky Lakes Medical Center, got up and spoke on how they and other stakeholders will be moving forward with this data.

When my class comes back as seniors we will be in a Leadership class. It looks like we will be taking a different role at this point with the same project, continuing to try and improve the health of our community. We are all interested in what the next step is for this project. Doing our part and handing over our findings leaves us with a summer off to come back and see what progress was made. These things move slowly, so this project will continue to use nursing students into the future, developing new roles for us as the project changes. It has been a great chance already to get to know our community and to better understand what Klamath does well and what things need improvement. It was hard spending an entire term not in any clinic setting, but this community setting helped put one more puzzle piece on the table to help develop the big picture of healthcare. This is what makes us nurses.