Five weeks in Medellin, Colombia

Greetings! On behalf of Dr. Jorge Tolosa, MD, MSCE and recent OHSU graduate,  Britt Severson, MD, MPH, I will spend five weeks in Medellin, Colombia working on a research project involving tobacco exposure in pregnancy. The project involves two surveys: one targeted to prenatal care providers and one for pregnant patients in four different medical institutions throughout the city. Besides promoting our project (through presentations to potential participants) and finalizing the survey instruments, I am gaining clinical experience in all four institutions. My whirlwind tour of clinical observation in Medellin will enable me to see the delivery of prenatal care as it varies throughout the city as well as how it compares to prenatal care in the US. In between all of this, I am finding time to explore the natural and cultural wonders that this beautiful country has to offer. I will post about my summer experience here at StudentSpeak!