A Poem: “Needles and Pins”

My feet are numb from studying for hours endlessly.
The pins and needles down there make it difficult to see
exactly WHY I study into perpetuity.
What makes me stay
day after day?
Preceptorship, for me.

For four hours a week, somehow a brave doctor concedes
to watching me attempt to tend his patients’ every need.
Some patients are quite skeptical, I can’t help but agree-
Thank goodness for
this practice, or
I’d never earn “MD”.

One year we work in specialties, and one in primary care.
We can request specific fields– or chance it, if we dare.
I chanced it, and the preceptors to whom I have been paired
have blown my mind
with one-of-a-kind
experiences shared.

In gastroenterology, I took a peek inside.
Could not believe the beauty of GI magnified.
Convinced I’d choose this field where tech and chronic care collide –
I often hoped
to drive the scope…
and in the end, I tried!

I started family planning next, which truly brought to light
my passion for supporting one of women’s basic rights.
Providing contraception to empower to new heights.
I’ll advocate
on any date,
however hard the fight.

I then made my debut on the peds urology stage.
Impressed by surgeons fixing tricks that anatomy played,
ensuring children’s reproductive function when they age-
penis un-bent,
good money spent,
parent happily made.

I’ve just now started primary care, and last week could apply
my physical exam skills, and took histories on the fly.
I watched the doctor counsel a man not ready to die.
Just two weeks in.
Needles and pins
are worth it, in my eyes.