First lessons in Nursing School

 It’s hard to believe that my first 6 weeks of nursing school are already over! I feel like the amount of information my brain has taken in already is enormous. It’s stressful and exhausting. It’s challenging and so demanding. It is also fun and interesting and I am loving it!

 Here is a list of some of the things I have learned so far:

1) I am in the presence of some truly amazing and wonderful people with so many diverse things to offer to their peers and to and the world of nursing! Acc Bacc programs cultivate such a wonderful mix of people!

2) Being a nurse is an awesome responsibility and there’s far more to it than I ever fully understood before starting this program.

3) Trying to give up coffee in the first term of nursing school is setting myself up for failure (and if you don’t have the Perka app, you are missing out!)

4) Relying on public transportation is more difficult than I would have anticipated and you meet many interesting people on the bus.

5) There are a million facets of nursing practice and our faculty has worked in most of them! They are a wealth of knowledge.

6) “You will probably not get an A on every exam in nursing school”…I had heard this before but I now know it to be true. It doesn’t mean you won’t do well overall or that you won’t be a great nurse! (Knowing that on an intellectual level and understanding it more deeply—so as not to cripple yourself—is very important.)

7) Flexibility is not a suggestion, it’s a requirement! You will quadruple your stress level if you can’t roll with things a little bit.

8) It’s easy to forget your excitement and eagerness when you are caught in the day-to-day requirements, exams and studying. Do everything you can to hang on to that! It helps to surround yourself with peers who help you remember it. In the same breath, taking some time to be friends with your peers and enjoy each other outside of the program is refreshing and fun. (See #1!)

Stay tuned! There is so much more to come! 🙂

Here are some photos of our cohort get togethers so far this term:

Photos taken by Alexandra Cosima Lewis and Jeni Wroblewski are posted with permission.

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  1. To my wonderful daughter, you have some incredible stamina. I’m so proud of you! Way to go after what you want

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