I have been thinking for awhile about what to write for my first blog. As I was thinking about what to write a word came to mind: diversity. I started to think about how I might be diverse from others here at OHSU and what that brings to our collective educational experience.

Clearly I’ve circled the sun a few more times than my class colleagues (more than a few professors as well). I’ve had some experiences working and visiting overseas but so have some of my colleagues. I am changing careers but so are some of my colleagues. I’ve earned a masters degree in a math intensive field but so have some of my colleagues.

Then I started thinking about my experiences last semester. I recalled just before my first bio-stats mid-term I was feeling a bit uncertain about my skills and knowledge. It had been several decades since I participated in a graduate program and it was overwhelming at times trying to live life and keep up with learning. Greeting one of my classmates I made a comment in passing that I was feeling nervous about the test. I expected to hear a response like, “yea, I think I got most of material covered.” Instead I heard, “Me too.” That little exchange underscored, for me, how much we are more alike than different.

We are all gaining new knowledge, struggling on the same homework assignments and tests. We are all trying to live life, deal with family and relationships. What I like most of all is that we are learning about and from each other. I am thankful for all the highly intelligent, motivated and dedicated classmates whom are my friends and who inspire me.