What a journey!

Almost four years ago, we embarked on an adventure that we now know as medical school. Each of us, I’m sure, had thoughts and ideas of what the road to becoming a physician might be like. I was often wrong and frequently surprised!

The first two years of medical school were academically challenging as we began to understand the complexities of the human body. In stark contrast to this rigorous experience, we enjoyed numerous parties, consumed delicious Portland food and drink, and explored beautiful Oregon.

It has been a pleasure to watch my classmates succeed in their respective interests, present research they toiled over, become leaders, find loving partners, have children, overcome hardships, celebrate their successes, and, most of all, learn to be humanistic physicians. 

We have survived the application and interview process for residency training. Just a few weeks ago we submitted our residency rank lists with some expected tachycardia as we pressed certify and submit. Match Day will come quickly and even sooner we will don the cap and gown and accept our diplomas. Soon we will refer to each other as “doctor” and “my colleague from medical school.” I often find myself wondering how foreign, yet deserving, it will be to introduce myself as “Dr. Deal” on the first day of residency.

I could never have anticipated such an incredible journey at OHSU. I encourage you to consider that the next hurdle, no matter what stage of training you may be at, is not a hurdle at all, but an opportunity to reset your personal goals and simply enjoy each day of your personal journey. With that, I will leave you with a personal favorite:

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” – Henry David Thoreau

Congratulations on rounding out four years of medical school!

Shanley Deal, MS4
Class President
MD Candidate 2014

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  1. Shanley, this could not have been said any better.
    To the class of Med14, it has been such a great experience to share these last few years with the greatest OHSU class ( yes I’m bias) and can’t wait to refer to you guys as my “colleagues from medschool”.

    -Nancy Nguyen

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