The balm of presence

Some days are rush, rush, rush and then some days are like this one. I had set aside school for this one day so that stress never raised its head. I took time to visit with family I had not personally seen in a while. I took time with several people, being present and feeling their aura.

Reflecting on the type of day, it is hard to put a label on it that is adequate. I spent a little time with hubby before I had to set out on a day that had certain mile points but no real definitive pattern. That time with my significant piece of my heart was filled with humor, warmth and even after all these years, a continuing increase in the bounds of our boundless love for one another. This always amazes me but is a common, expected and joyful part of my days that always, always makes me smile. If you see a smile on my face for seemingly no reason, if you were to ask, don’t be surprised if I tell you of a moment of something whispered in my ear, a touch, a look, a shared aspiration or just another smile and the statement, “just a piece of my heart.”

These moments sustained me in the short/long 40+ mile trip from Ontario, Oregon to Meridian, Idaho to visit my ex and his wife. Ex or not, we are still family and she and I were close friends prior to her marriage to my ex-husband. I brought myself. All of myself with nothing set aside to worry about the paper that is due, the plants I needed to plant, the chicks that are growing, the dog, the cat, the husband – all those daily tasks and projects that take a piece of you away from a conversation. I was there and I drank of each turn in the conversation, each subject, each smile and its importance to each of us. When it was time to go, it felt unhurried, at a natural moment of change so the leaving left all of us grinning and pleased for the visit.

I continued on to my next destination, another visit with family and an undefined quest of running errands. These were mutual sharing moment that seemed to come all too seldom. So why waste part of it worrying about the schedule, the time and what is left to be done. Dreams and aspirations and accomplishments were shared. A beautiful, lovely moment in time to cherish.

As I continue to reflect I gain greater insight, see more clearly the lights that danced and beckoned, the blessings, the joy, the delight, the laughter that fills my heart. To me, each of the moments shared, each moment I was present in, were miracles that bathed my soul.

As students we need these moments. They do not just come, we help create them by dropping the rush and hustle of academia and being present in the moment without reserve.