A belated welcome!

A warm welcome to my new OHSU student colleagues! It is hard to believe that the fall term started over a month ago. The new student orientation is over and midterms are upon us.

I wanted to take a few minutes and share some thoughts with my fellow mid-career adult students. First, take a minute to congratulate yourself on your decision to further your education. Few people who are mid-career return to further their education, or perhaps initiate a career change. Even further complete their goals. The commitment of the faculty here at OHSU is to help you succeed. You will be one of those who make it!

To accomplish this you will need the support of your family and friends though not all your friends will be up for the challenge. Stay with the friends who support your choice; they will help you succeed.

Unlike when we first attended as undergraduates, we have considerably more distractions in life. If your situation is similar to mine, you may have aging parents with health concerns. They may not live locally so care by remote control presents you with even more challenges. You may also have children who need (demand) your help: be they in elementary, middle, high school or university. Then there is time required just to maintain life – mortgage, groceries and utilities.

The good news is you have experience. Lots of experience. Experience in taking care of parents and children to be sure. By this point in your life taking care of the mortgage and utilities are second nature. You know who you are and what is important to you. Completing your education is key to you. You know how you learn. Some test results are better than others. You revel in the good scores and review how you got the less stellar ones. You have enough experience to know some things take longer to digest.

Welcome to OHSU – stop any of us mid or later career changing students and let us know how we can help you! The goal is for all of us to reach our educational goals!

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  1. I am so glad you are here and bringing world experience and an engineer’s perspective to graduate education. Welcome to OHSU and to StudentSpeak!

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