Trust the Process

Ann McWhorterStudentSpeak is pleased to publish this guest post by Ann McWhorter. Ann is in her last week of the Accelerated Nursing program at OHSU.  Nursing is her second career, after more than 20 years practicing law.  She intends to pursue a career focused on older adults and end-of-life care.

As I near the end of my journey through OHSU’s accelerated nursing program, I am reminded of the mantra we heard so often at the beginning: Trust the process.

That first term, I was struck by the warmth and generosity that surrounded me – in the faculty and in my classmates. As a second-career student, I have studied and worked in many settings where standards were high and the people around me were impressive. But never had I been in an environment so filled with smart, impressive people motivated not by personal gain or competitiveness but by the desire to be of service.

It was clear from the outset that the faculty had the best of motivations. They are, after all, nurses. And they are among the best and brightest nurses. They wanted us to succeed. They wanted us to grow into well-rounded professionals, equipped with knowledge and skills ranging from pathophysiology and patient assessment to a broad and deep understanding of the healthcare system and opportunities to improve it, the experiences of patients and families, and the social and economic determinants of health. They worked hard to keep improving the program, coordinating content and timing across courses to reinforce concepts and make our learning experience the best they could. In short, I could see quickly that these nurse educators were good people, worthy of my trust. So I relaxed my guard, and I trusted the process.

It has been hard, hard work. It has taken humility and perseverance to make my way through this learning experience. But as I near the threshold of my new career and a lifetime of continued learning, I look back satisfied that my trust was well-placed.