Find the Time and Integrate

How do I have time for this? I asked myself when I signed up to be a Student Blogger. I don’t know what provoked the moment of inspiration where I thought, “Well that could be fun!” At times, I don’t even know how I function. I’m a mom of three small kids (ages 7, 5, 2), work full time as a nurse and Staff Educator, and now in full time post-grad school obtaining my DNP. At times, I feel like I’m going insane! Taking time for self-reflection, well, really isn’t a priority. Even self-care seems to be in the drain these days! But, I read something today in my “required readings” that stated, “Self-reflection leads to discovery (Crowell, 2016).” Well if that’s true, maybe I innately signed up for this to balance my left and right brain. Utilizing blogging as a means for self-reflection, but also insight for those thinking about or in the DNP program with me! This may be my creative outlet.

My words of wisdom are to find the time for yourself, do the little things, and find a way to stimulate your right brain! I love being creative, and sometimes the paper writing, forums, and quizzes just get me down. If you have a voice over presentation (VOP) then utilize this as a way to stimulate your creative side! Become a blogger (or journal) so you can self reflect and like Crowell said, lead to discovery! We are most effective as humans when our mind is integrated. The perfect balance between the logical left and the colorful emotional right.

Ijackien my picture you will see a mom intently listening to a lecture, taking notes, drinking my coffee, laughing with my kids, and cozied up in my favorite chair and blanket! My last words of wisdom are to make your studying place “comfortable.” It will make it a whole lot easier. Integration is key!