Rebecca Walker, PA-S1

Rebecca Walker
Rebecca Walker

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Undergraduate school and degree: University of Oregon, Human Physiology

Patient care experience: MA and phlebotomist at Zoom+Care.

Favorite place in Portland: My favorite place to explore is bike paths and breweries.

I have always had a love for science and for human connections. The PA profession is the perfect union! I have always been fascinated by the human body and love being part of a field that is innovative and constantly adapting. I chose OHSU because I have been living in Portland for several years now and to be able to go to a school that has a focus on helping the Portland community and Oregon overall has been a dream. I worked with several PAs who are graduates of OHSU and they embody the kind of provider I inspire to be. The faculty is outstanding, my classmates are outstanding, and I feel incredibly fortunate to be apart of it. My favorite part of the curriculum so far has been how OHSU has challenged my perspective and unconscious biases. The courses have provided me with a strong education but this program in the short time I have been in it has already taught me how to be a good provider. Going through this program during a pandemic has added so many difficulties but if this class can succeed through these circumstances, we can do anything. During my remaining time at OHSU I look forward to continuing to build friendships with my classmates and more hands-on experience.

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  1. Hello Rebecca. Thank you for sharing your experience as a PA-S1. It is wonderful to hear that the program has helped you develop shape you into a fantastic future PA for your community.

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