Kiva Stevens, PA-S1

kiva stevensName Kiva Stevens

Hometown I moved many times growing up around Western Washington, but Bellingham feels like my hometown.

Undergraduate School and Degree Western Washington University in Bellingham, Wash.; BS in Environmental Science

Patient Care Experience Certified Medical Assistant in rural primary care, Klamath Falls, Ore.

Favorite Place in Portland Tao of Tea House, Powell’s Books, Bike Farm, Por Que No, Forest Park

Why PA, Why OHSU  I decided to follow this path because I desire to serve communities that lack resources and access to high quality health care. My previous job as a medical assistant exposed me to the realities of rural medicine, and I witnessed the hardships of our patient population daily. Most of the patients we saw had complex chronic diseases that stem from poor access to health care and other socioeconomic disparities. These experiences were, in part, what encouraged me to dedicate myself to the PA path. OHSU is not only an outstanding PA program, but they also focus on serving communities in rural and underserved areas, which is very important to me.

Favorite Part of Curriculum  So Far I love the clinical medicine courses, especially the blocks on allergy and blood disorders. I also am fascinated by social determinants of health care and examining medicine through a social and historical lens.

What I’ve Learned Going Through PA School During a Pandemic Go with the flow; don’t stress over things I can’t control. Remembering WHY I chose PA school and that my goals will still be met even with PA school happening during a pandemic/online.

What I’m Most Looking Forward to During My Time at OHSU Building strong relationships (friendships and mentors) and becoming more aware of social determinants of health and ways to implement strategies to lessen disparities in health care across race, gender identity, income, education, ability etc.