Kelly Soto

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I was homeschooled in middle and high school, so initially, college life was something that was far different from what I was used to. I was always the girl who disliked math and never understood science, so it's amazing how I'm here today. As I began to pursue my passion and started my pre-requisites at Chemeketa, I wasn't so scared of math anymore and I grew to love science (admittedly, I totally nerded out in my micro and A&P classes;).
I was also a volunteer with a local hospice company, which has been a huge blessing for me and has enabled me to be with patients during their passing from this life. As for my future specialty, I definitely want to be a neonatal nurse, not only because I love children, but also because I love having the opportunity to save and impact lives at their most fragile, yet most crucial moments. Whether it's at the beginning of life or at its passing, both are monumental and providers who care for people at those times have a great responsibility and honor like no other.

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