Andrea Cowan 550x450I grew up in Eastern Oregon, where I spent most of my time riding horses, playing whatever sport happened to be in season and just being outdoors. Growing up in a very small town I spent a lot of my childhood dreaming of being anywhere but small-town Oregon. I’ve always known I wanted to go into medicine and loved the idea that it could also afford me the opportunity to travel and learn about different cultures. So far I’ve checked Japan, Thailand, Costa Rica and England off my list, but the travel “wish list” keeps getting longer every year.

I studied psychology at Stanford University in undergrad and spent a few years after undergrad trying to figure out exactly what type of medicine and what role was right for me. I spent two years working as an ophthalmology tech and scrub tech in a dual clinic and ambulatory surgery center. I then spent two and a half years working as an emergency department tech where I got to work closely with P.A.’s. It was then that I knew P.A. was the perfect role for me in the health care team.

Going forward, I hope to go into emergency medicine after I graduate and plan on traveling pretty much everywhere (I’m already itching for another adventure) as well as volunteering abroad.