I was born and raised in Montana where as a young girl I walked without shoes through cow pastures and waded in the irrigation ditches. I have fond memories of growing up, riding horses, helping the vet with sick animals and trying to find my niche in life. My parents were flawed human beings like myself, but to me they were the greatest in the world. But, alas, none reside on this plane of existence. I am a grandmother times five with contemplation of another being planned. With life’s challenges come opportunities. I take those challenges while I grasp tightly the opportunities that come along.

I am a nurse. I graduated from University of Portland in 2011 with a BSN. I made it through my NCLEX exam in 75 questions, which I thought meant I had failed. I am enrolled in the MSN Nursing Education program with a focus on Community at OHSU. I also plan to continue getting certified in wound and ostomy care as well as diabetes care and educator.

I work in a small rural clinic in Nyssa, Oregon on the Idaho/Oregon border. I am the only RN on staff though I work with amazing people who have been doing their job, and doing it well, almost as long as I had doing a job in electronics. They contract me out four days a week to the county jail where I am a corrections nurse. I have a day at the clinic which is a nice change from jail stripes and deputy uniforms. While at the jail, my skills in addiction nursing, mental health nursing, community and med-surg nursing all come into play on a daily basis. I love doing what I do.

I love nursing. It is ingrained in my outlook on life and a part of who I am. I am passionate about nursing; it is a calling. Opportunities grow. I continue to learn and take on new skills while honing those that are part of my foundation in nursing. I am good at what I do. No false humility here or shouting from the rooftops. I am aware of the need to continue to improve and enhance my nursing practice.