Born and raised in the midwest, I grew up loving lakes, snow days and grilled corn on the cob. As I got older, I turned my attention west and moved to Boulder to attend the University of Colorado. After four years I acquired a degree in journalism and an intense love for the mountains. I started my career working at two really fantastic advertising agencies, but it wasn’t long before I realized that the Mad Men life wasn’t for me.

There were many things that led me to nursing school at OHSU, but one of the most significant was a diagnosis of cancer in my early twenties. While the experience shook me at my core, it did give me clarity and confidence that nursing was the right path for me. My nursing goals range from developing young adult oncology programs in medically underserved communities, to preventing illness before it starts via health promotion and education. And my passion is to be a source of strength and support for people at their most vulnerable moments.

A two-month resident of Oregon, I now live in southeast Portland with my fiancé, Jamin. We love hiking, farmers markets, breathtaking views and exploring our new city. I’m excited to write for StudentSpeak, and hope you enjoy my reflections on this crazy adventure.