I was born right outside of Washington D.C., so I was spoiled during my school field trips. When I was 10, my family moved to Tucson, Arizona, where I spent my formative years avoiding sunburn. I graduated from University High School in 2007 and moved (or, if you’re a football fan, defected) to Phoenix to attend Arizona State University.

While there, I discovered that I was interested in the “boring” parts of the medical profession, so I concentrated on medical research. I majored in Molecular Biology and, because I’m linguistically masochistic (or, if you’re a literature fan, passionate), majored in Creative Writing, too. After working for a year at the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), I moved to the decidedly wetter OHSU to pursue a degree in Cancer Biology. I enjoy hiking, analyzing next-generation sequencing data, and making lists with Oxford commas.