I’m slowly changing who I am and how I think of myself. A year ago I was an electrical engineer (PE MSEE / OSU) working for a solar inverter manufacturer in Bend, Oregon. Today I’m a student in the MPH bio-stats epidemiology program at OHSU. I grew up in St. Louis and started my undergrad at University of Missouri before learning practical foreign affairs in the Air Force in southeast Asia. After I completed my undergrad in engineering at DeVry Institute in Phoenix, I moved to Oregon where I completed my MSEE and practiced electrical engineering at various companies in the Portland area.

I gradually became more interested in and aware of international aid and emergencies. I volunteered in Kyrgyzstan helping to understand and improve a micro-credit program. Later I did an emergency mission with Doctors Without Borders where I managed the non-medical side of a 100 bed orthopedic field recovery hospital in central Java, Indonesia. I’m looking forward to transitioning my engineering problem solving skills to public health.