I am a somewhat new member to the vibrant, adventuresome and seemingly spectacular community at OHSU and the greater Portland area. I moved here from San Francisco, a lovely city a mere ten hours drive south of here, where I spent the last four years exploring the the cultural offerings and running a tutoring company called Studyology. Before that, I attended Stanford University, where I studied social psychology and creative writing, wrote for the Stanford Daily, and hung out in fountains on sunny days. I grew up in San Mateo, California, which is a suburb of San Francisco. As a child I was obsessed with sports, most passionately baseball and basketball, and I still play and watch both whenever I can. I also love to watch movies, hike, camp, travel, go to parks, restaurants, beaches and concerts. I am going into medicine because I think it offers a rare venue to connect with people in a life-altering way, for both doctor and patient. I wanted to do something to fix problems rather than create them, so here I am.