Some say that space is the final frontier, but I wholeheartedly believe that the brain truly is. I’m Katherine Holste, a Portland native, and I am a first year medical student straight out of undergrad. I graduated from the University of Oregon this past June with a degree in Human Physiology and Psychology and a minor in Organic Chemistry. I did my thesis on the neurophysiology multitasking which I presented at the American College of Sports Medicine conference in Orlando and have an academic background in sleep physiology, tissue injury and repair and also the neurophysiology of concussion. Now I’m in my first term of medical school and loving it! Obviously, I’m very passionate about neurology, but am entertaining other specialties since medicine is just so cool! Outside of academics, I’m a crafting enthusiast, severe coffee addict, kale connoisseur, proud mama of a new teenage cat and lover of Portland night life.