Hi, I am Katy Van Hook and I started the PMCB program at OHSU in the fall of 2006.  I’m a Montana native and while I miss the sun and the snow I have adjusted nicely to the Pacific Northwest.  I am slowly but surely working on my degree which will technically be in Cell and Developmental Biology but the primary focus of my research is basic cancer pathways and the epic battle between good (tumor suppressors) and evil (oncogenes).

My life plan is definitely still a work in progress but in the meantime I have a fabulous group of friends to keep me company during the long grey winter here in Portland.  We take full advantage of the endless supply of local beer and fabulous food in the area.  Apart from school I enjoy cooking, spending time with friends, reading, and holding my couch down.  My current life goal is to be able to someday finally answer people when they ask, “So when are you going to be done?”