I never considered myself an adventurous person but 5 years ago I left Charlotte, NC, the town I grew up in, and moved to Portland without knowing one person or having a job.  Astrologically, the positioning of Mars in my horoscope apparently means I have good luck.  Luck certainly followed me to Portland because I quickly and easily made this great city my home.

I joined the OHSU family in 2007 working as a research assistant in Women’s Health- easily the best job ever.  I realized that in order to maintain happiness in my professional life it needed to be passion provoking and mentally stimulating with a component of benevolence.  I could achieve these things as a PA and am currently in my second year of the wild ride that is PA school. This journey continues to reveal layers of myself that I never knew I possessed and I am learning much more than medicine.

I spent a lot of time in my adult life searching for my path and I certainly took a few lucky turns to get me to where I am.  I hope that experiences I share can help others turn at the right corner in their own journey.