I am originally from sunny California, but have been since enticed by the state of Oregon to achieve my academic goals.  Naturally, I was skeptical to the idea of having to move my life to a different state; one that had about 98.77% less sunshine a year than the one I was residing nonetheless.  Little did I know, this state would win me over the instant I stepped foot within its borders.

I have wanted to become a nurse since my senior year of high school and started my college career with that goal.  I attended Sacramento State University with hopes of getting into nursing school.  I sort of stumbled into a different major while working towards getting into the nursing program.  I ended up graduating in 2010 with a B.S. in Philosophy with a concentration in Ethics and Law.  I was eventually granted the gift of being able to fulfill my goal through OHSU.

I am currently a junior nursing student at OHSU – La Grande.  I am involved with our school’s student senate and serve as the vice-president.  I am also an Eagle Scout of Boy Scout Troop 505 of Tracy, CA and a nationally registered EMT-Basic.  I thoroughly enjoy football (soccer), pediatric and emergency nursing, euphonic melodies, morality, culinary exploits, and intrinsic philosophical conquests and discoveries.