After spending 18.25 years in New Mexico, I fled the state in desperate need of a change. So I swapped dry sunshine for cloudy rain, and moved to Portland. Several years later I graduated from Mount Hood Community College with an AAS to be a “Physical Therapist Assistant.” After my first licensing exam, I spent the next 4 years working as a PTA in various hospitals and going to school at Portland State University.  By the time I received my Bachelor’s degree, I had definitely decided to go down the long road to becoming a physician, largely influenced by my acute care experiences.  Along the way I’ve developed a healthy appreciation for bike-commuting, coffee, and brewpubs, and I met my wonderful (native Oregonian) wife.  I can’t wait to keep expanding my knowledge and appreciation of medicine, and I feel grateful for the challenges and rewards that have already presented themselves on this path. I’m trying to stay open-minded about career options, but I’m definitely interested in Hematology/Oncology, Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Primary Care, maybe even Surgery. Oh wait, that’s just about everything!