Born and raised in Portland, OR.  I’ve had many jobs before ending up in nursing.  I owned a used bicycle shop, was an electrician apprentice for a couple years, and then decided to go back to school for nursing.  I started at Portland State University in 2006, got my pre-req’s done and felt like I still didn’t know anything.  Because of this, I stuck around and finished my B.S. in Organismal Biology at PSU before applying to nursing school.

I’m a junior in the nursing program in Klamath Falls and am the Treasurer of our Student Nursing Association.  In my off time I play music and, well…that’s about it.  I play mandolin, guitar, and I just bought a banjo.  Last year I found a group of old codgers that have bluegrass jams once a week and after a grueling Fall term I am finally getting back together with them.  Gotta keep my chops up!