I am one of those medical students who didn’t know she wanted to be a medical student until a little later in the game.  Specifically, after earning a degree in English Literature and spending a few years working as a bartender, personal trainer, and a nanny (in hindsight, these excursions were really all part of my master plan to boost my resume and improve my conversational skills).  I grew up in Davis, CA and remained in that general area until 2006 when I made the short trek up to Portland.  It’s a great fit for me – good coffee, plentiful parks, three-dollar movie theaters, friendly people, brewpubs, and yes, even rain.  Medical school so far has been a challenging, exciting ride, a theme that I’m confident will persist over the next three years.  Early on I described the experience to a classmate as “a buffet of awesome,” which was met by a patronizing smile and a roll of the eyes.  Still, I think the description holds true.  Although I’m not yet sure what kind of doctor I want to be when I grow up, I am really looking forward to the journey ahead that will bring me to that ultimate decision.