A Portland transplant from California, I’m a relative newcomer when it comes to all things Oregon. That being said, my days are usually filled with studying, thought experiments, and bouts of entrepreneurial inspiration. I try to help the world in the small ways I can. I attended the University of California, San Diego where I earned a degree in bioengineering with area studies in political science and history. I like to classify myself as a technophile, amateur futurist, and an interdisciplinarian interested in all things tech. Among other things, I have volunteered in terrorist-controlled regions of rural India, helped spearhead an award winning health literacy program for the underserved, dual-wielded micropipettes in the name of science, and supported health care teams in critical care settings. I am known to occasionally kick a soccer ball around and I cook a mean chipotle turkey burger. I write at my own blog called The Biopsy (www.thebiopsy.com) and am on Twitter @TheBiopsy.