I lived in California my entire life until I let OHSU kidnap me. I put up a pretty feisty resistance to the change in scenery at first – but it only took about two weeks to be completely won over by OHSU and Portlandia. I graduated from Stanford University in 2009 with a degree in Human Biology. As a junior, I decided to become an academic physician so I can both practice medicine and teach. I worked as teaching staff for the Human Biology program at Stanford for two years and volunteered as an EMT-Basic prior to matriculating this fall. An AAMC Careers in Medicine questionnaire tells me I am 77% likely to be an OBGYN and 14% likely to go into internal medicine. Who knew? I enjoy grilled cheese sandwiches, stem cells, kayaking, travel, Darwin, red, nephrons, and eucalyptus trees. And OHSU.