Hey! I’m from Albany, NY and I’m 1 of 38 physician assistant students with a 3 month (since 6/2011) history of severe stress. It is associated with marked thoracic kyphosis, scapular protraction, and elbow bursitis (likely due to maintenance of a constant studying position). Here’s the thing though, I love it!

See, I was the guy in undergrad who was having a great time, not a care in the world. I did what I needed to do to get good grades but not an ounce more. I had no drive to excel or to apply myself. Everyone told me “you’re so young, you have so much time to decide what you want to do,” so I had no direction. Turns out, the real world hits you after college. Luckily, I fell into the medical field and found that I was home. So I worked hard as a medical assistant for 3 years with my eyes on the prize of becoming a practitioner of medicine. So here I am, working harder than I’ve ever worked but with a purpose that makes it rewarding and fun. And now I’m on here, the blogger site, to share my experiences with whoever wants to read.    TJ